Beacon Heath Church was founded in 1961 when a group of Christians from Belmont Chapel in Exeter planted the church on the newly built Beacon Heath housing estate. We are a church committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, as taught in the Bible, which we believe is the only hope for our world.

We "love God, and love our neighbours" as Jesus commanded. So in loving God, we are obedient to Him, which is why the teaching of the Bible is central in Church life. We love others by caring practically, and we also show them the greatest love by sharing the hope we have in Jesus.

We are seeking to be a Biblical church in the twenty-first century. That means we put people before programs and activities. We build each other up in our understanding of the Bible, we encourage one another, we help one another practically and we support one another in times of need.


The leadership of Beacon Heath Church comprises four elders, one of whom is the full-time Pastor, Brian Murray.